Erase Note MIDI Key-Binding

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I started out sequencing on old drum machines and then for years on DAW's. Recently I spent some time on an MPC500 and was reminded how well it works to erase notes on the fly.

For anybody unfamiliar there is an "erase" button you hold and at the same time press the chord or pad you wish to delete while in record.

It allows you to keep your hands on the chords and pads you're working if you need to delete something. Currently in DAW's you need to either arrow key, then shift-arrow, then delete, or grab the mouse, rubber band, hit delete. Neither are very cool when you are in the heat of a performance.

It would be a great feature I think to have a key-binding to do this while recording MIDI in future versions of Ardour.

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Bobby McAlister

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@wilcofan: certainly a cool idea. Note that you can do note selection on the MIDI scroomer (button2 on your mouse) which would be a poor man's temporary substitute for this.