Pan Controls and Plugins Missing from Track

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Ardour 2.8.11
Ubuntu 11.04
Linux Kernel 2.6.39

I open a project and the pan controls are missing from some tracks and the plug-ins are also missing. If I add a plug-in back to the track, the pan control shows up again. Take the plug-in off, the pan control is missing again.

If I open the Ardour project XML in a text editor, many of the Route nodes are missing on these tracks compared to tracks that were not "corrupted".

My plug-in settings are missing from the tracks and same in the project backup.

The client was in the room and it was embarrassing.

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there seems to be an issue with ubuntu 11.04 and ardour. there are other posts with problems, not exactly yours but maybe related: for example

if you use ardour professionally, i would suggest you try a audio-linux distro instead of stock-ubuntu

often suggested here is avlinux. there's a new release "right now":

hope this helps!