ardour2 not working on G4 Titanium Tiger 10.4.7

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I've searched and asked for a way to solve the problem I have.
Ardour 2, Jack and QJackCtl, X11's and Tiger 10.4.7

I start QJackCtl, and launch Ardour, X11 opens up, Ardour icon is on the dock but nothing else happens. Icon stopped on the dock, no menu or anything, after 5 minutes it opens up.
Why is taking so much? any help?

Could that be: conflictive plug-ins, X11 not working properly, old versions of jack?

QJackCtl is Version:
Build: Oct 29 2005 14:45:13
Jack is fresh downloaded 0.74

I would appreciate help, as I do not know much how to deal with terminal.

Thank you, keep up the good work.