Metric Halo 2882 + Ardour + MIOConsoleConnect = Happy co-existance?

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Hello All,

I was running a 1Ghz DP PPC with a Digi001 and Protools 6.4LE, but have decided to step my system up and jumped headlong into a learning curve I was not expecting. Bought a Metric Halo 2882 and a late 2010 mac mini and was hoping to use Harrison Mixbus 2.0 but wanted to get my feet wet with Ardour before making the plunge.

Anyone using the above combination on OSX? I am specifically interested in successful implementations of MIOConsoleConnect - I have already installed Ardour, Jack and the MIOConsole and they all appear to play nice. I would really like to make use of the additional functionality in MIOConsoleConnect, though, specifically the ability to store all 2882 hardware I/O settings within each project.



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I don't think I know of any Ardour users using that particular combination sadly(Though I have heard nothing but good things about the MH interfaces). However if you want to make sure it works you can always send one my way and I will bug sletz till it does;)

(I am very much joking about the sending one my way but won't turn one down if you want to send one my way;)