Using more than on Delta 1010 soundcard

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magnus de potatis
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Hi everyone.

I´m using Ubuntu studio (I think it´s the ubuntu studio 8.04 version) and M Audios Delta 1010 soundcard.
My set up works just great. The only problem is that my studio needs more recordingchannels.

I have an analouge 24 channel consol that I use cause dont really like to mix within the computer.

I would like to run one or two more delta 1010 cards on my computer using Ardour as my DAW.'

I don´t know if it´s possible to run more than one delta 1010 ?

I found some hope on M Audios homepage:

Q: How many Delta Series cards can be used in the same Computer?
A: In Windows, up to 4 Delta Series cards can be used at the same time. Up to 3 Delta Series cards can be used in Mac OS X when using the latest Delta Series driver. For Mac OS 9, a Multi-Card driver for up to 3 Delta Series cards is available. The Linux OSS-driver supports up to 8 cards, if the necessary resources are available. ”
This answer from the M audio staff gave me a lot of hope, but a while ago I read somewhere on the internet that it was not possible to use more than one Delta 1010 card on Linux.
So this is my question: Is it really possible to run more than one Delta 1010 pci card on Ubuntu Studio 8.04 using Ardour as DAW?

Thanx a lot

/ Magnus

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I believe it is possible to run multiple 1010's - You may find some useful information / ask at the AV Linux site (or the AVLinux forum)

IIRC the AVlinux distro maintainer / developer, GMaq, who can also be found on this forum occasionally, runs a system with two 1010 cards in it. I think the main things to watch out for are syncing the cards together and some ALSA configuration is necessary in order to get them to appear in a sensible way to JACK.

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Here's a config/howto for two 1010's :
and here's a walkthrough using that info :

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In addition a HowTO I did here for AV Linux, should have most relevant info for Ubuntu users as well:

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Is there a way to get Ardour to start jack in the mode created by the command

jackd -R -d alsa -r 44100 -C multi_capture -P multi_playback

automatically? The only way I can get this going is to start Jack then Ardour separately I tried the settings in the initial Ardour start up and the settings in Qjackctl but all that seems to work is the command line...where does Ardour get store its initial startup values for jackd?

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@leadghost: there isn't. Ardour's own settings are stored in a file in ~/.ardour2 or ~/.config/ardour3 depending on which version you use. But Ardour's dialog for this is intended mostly as a toy. Most Linux users will enjoy life more by using qjackctl (some linux distributions call this "jack control").