Start Ardour with Jack started (or "start Ardour after starting jack")

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Hi to all,

it's a long time which i use Ardour and Jack, but in the new release Ardour wants start jack automatically...but I don't want this, I want to start jack indipendently before Ardour...if I start Jack and after Ardour, Ardour doesn't recognize jack started and want start jack again...why?
There is a mistake in my procedure?
It's possibile to configure that?

Thank you so much!!
Grazie Mille a Paul!!!


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How are you starting JACK? Also how did you install JACK and Ardour? Once JACK is started Ardour should detect if it's already running. Are you by any chance using some GUI (visual interface) to start JACK such as qjackctl? If so, please check the messages and post them here. You must provide more information so we can help you.

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If you're using Ubuntu 11.10 that might be the cause :

I'm using Xubuntu 11.10 myself, but I've compiled Jack and Ardour from source so that might be the reason I'm not seeing any problems.

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Hi, if Jack is really started before you start Ardour, then ardour should recognize Jack and start from asking you about the session directly.

So i would suggest:

1. Double check if you have qjackctl installed
2. Verify that the users - groups settings are OK (i.e. your user is in the audio group)
3. Start qjackctl --> check settings and verify if you are using the right device, check realtime
4. Start Jack from qjackctl - wait 2 - 3 seconds after starting jack to start then ardour
5. If this doesn´t help try starting both qjackctl and ardour as root just to verify if there´s a problem with your users-groups settings
6. Come back and tell us if you succeded or not

happy new year guys! xD