RME digi9652 with M52 rom

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Hi, i've bought a digi9652 on ebay to use it on my linux box (ubuntu 11.10) with ardour, but it seems that it doesn't work correctly: i cannot select the RME card and only internal analog audio interface works.
I also tried to play some audio files with audacity routing the output to a fostex fd-8: sound level was pretty minimal and with a LOT of white noise.
Looking at the card I've noticed it's a rev 1.5 with M52 rom... i wonder if the Macintosh rom is the problem or not.
Maybe swapping to a W52 rom can solve the problems... right?
Anyone tried a digi9652 with M52 rom in a linux box with Ardour?

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tr0x: the M52 ROM is a big-endian ROM intended for use with PowerPC and other big-endian processor architectures. You need a W* ROM is you want to use this on an Intel-based system.