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Where can I find a list of keyboard shortcuts?

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Does anyone know if there's a way to change these to the mac-standard combos from within the app itself? ie. without editing the ($HOME/.ardour/ardour.rc) file, which means nothing to me, tbh.

It's one thing to learn a new DAW but another thing entirely to re-train yourself as to where things like the Undo keystroke are.


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that page is asking for a username/password

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Try the above for the list of shortcuts

You can edit the keyboard shortcuts within Ardour by going to the Window menu, then select Keybindings.

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(using Ardour Version 2.4.1 on MacBook, OSX version 10.5.4)

Trying to reset keybindings but doesn't appear to be working; I'm following the instruction in keybindings dialog - "select an action, then press the key/s to reset it's shortcut" - nothing happens. Also the "remove shortcut" option is disabled.
Any clues as to how I can get around this?

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Is there something wrong with my key bindings? I found this list:-

Section is about moving the playhead. However, quite a few of my key bindings don't seem to conform to that list. I'm assuming that 'Left' and 'Right' refer to the keyboard's left & right arrow keys.

HOME, END and 'p' seem to be correct.

'.' and 'CTRL+.' and ',' and CTRL+,' all seem to do nothing

'Right' seems to reposition my timeline forward by about 1 'screenful'
'Left' seems to reposition my timeline backwards by about 1 'screenful'

'CTRL+Right' plays the timeline (same as hitting the transport PLAY button)
'CTRL+Left' plays the timeline backwards

'CTRL+keypad Left' and 'CTRL+keypad Right' seem to be correct

'ALT+Left' and 'ALT+Right' seem to do nothing

[Edit...] Oops, didn't realise till after posting that this thread is in the Mac OS-X forum. I'm using Linux. Are the key bindings different for Linux?

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in the 2.8 version you can personalize your own keybindings from the menu:
window - keybindings

it opens the Shortcut Editor where you can edit all your keybindings.

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@John-E : anytime that keybindings stop working, it probably just requires removal of ~/.ardour2/ardour.bindings to fix it. I seem to recall that you are using an older version of Ardour which wrote a copy of the bindings to this file unnecessarily - this no longer happens until you (the user) changes a binding.

And yes, OS X and Linux bindings are "different" but only in terms of the modifier keys used. Conventions are different on both platforms - on Linux (like Windows) the control key is the most common modifier; on OS X, its the Command key and control is not used much. The actual bindings files are generated from a single meta-bindings-file during the build process.