Translation to basque language.

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Hi! I don´t know if this is the correct place to post this, but I would like to help by translating Ardour to basque (assuming it is not already done). How can I do it?

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Hi. There are 3 files that need to be translated. Basically, run "scons potupdate". This will create gtk_ardour.pot (the most important one), libardour.pot, and libgtkmm2ext.pot, in the respective directories.

Rename the file to your locale name. For instance, the Russian translation is named ru_RU.po. French: fr_FR.po. And so on.

Then, go through the file and translate the strings. Look at the .po files in the po folder for guidence.

Then, email the file to the ardour-dev mailing list so we can add it.

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Thanks, Taybin. It´s gonna be harder than I thought. :-) It will take me some time, but I think that I can do it.