'Disk can't keep up with Ardour' errors

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Your audio quality will also improve if you don't use JAMIN...seriously. It served a useful purpose a long while back, but there are now many far superior alternatives, most of which will not consume anything like as much CPU either.

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@linuxdsp - What might you suggest? I'd say the features of Jamin I appreciate most are the 3-band compression, its all-in-oneness, and the graphical representation in one place of all of the functionality. Given that, are there alternatives to consider?

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what linux dsp suggests, is using his plugins instead, and he s right with that! :)

also with zero budget i think it s better to just use the available plugins than jamin, i m not sure about that, but jamin hasnt been developed since along time..

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Thanks everyone for you input!

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Just stumbled across this thread and recalled that I had very similar problems with the "disk can't keep up.."-message.
Here's the previous discussion about it:

In my case as well as in the case of "wolke" (at the bottom page of the discussion posted above) the problem that caused the error message was due to vibration in the rehearsal room.
Increasing track-buffer seconds can compensate the vibration-induced disk latency.
(in ardour 2 you can find the config file to change this setting here: /home/*user*/.ardour2/ardour.rc )

Better solution would be to cushion or damp the laptop and protect it from vibration.

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I installed a rubber fixation device for my harddisc in my desktop to get it silent. This could perhaps be a solution for vibrations in a loud enviroment, too. Isn´t it?

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An elastic suspension for your hard drive will protect it from equipment case vibration, but not air vibration. So it may solve the problem sometimes.

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Been away for a while and see this thread still has some life. . . .

I am pretty much satisfied that my issues had to due with physical vibration. The band I am in that is doing the recording stuff hasn't been together much recently. We will be getting back to it, however, and I will be able to continue to test this. Last time we got together, simply moving the laptop off the top of my bass rig seemed to resolve the issue.

Also, based on some advice in this thread, I have put Jamin aside and built my own on a bus with Calf plugins . . . seems to do what I need and more efficiently.


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Hi Aaron, I now read the whole post.
How do you solve your second big problem??

I mean this..
ERROR: JackEngine::XRun: client = ardour was not run: state = 1
ERROR: JackAudioDriver::ProcessGraphAsyncMaster: Process error

I have the same problem and it's very frustrating because i can't get the solution for weeks and it's quite impossile to mix down or even playback the tracks. The cpu overloads and there is a great amount of xuns.
It seems a plugin issue, but it's strange because it happens with all plugins (that I used to use..)
Here's a link of the specific tread of the forum I created in relation to this problem.


Any hint? thank you!

(my setup..)
processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8
os: Ubuntu 12.04 32bit with kxstudio repos , low latency kernel
soundcards: Alesis i/o2 (usb) or RME hammerfall 9652 (pci)

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On the subject of the "disk can't keep up" errors I got this recently exporting a session using the option "range markers into separate files".

This is a very simple session with just a limiter plugin so, as the export speed is much faster than playing the session I assume the playback speed no longer has timing tied to sound hardware so surely wouldn't you expect the disks speed to be the limiting factor and, as such, shouldn't ardour be waiting for the disks to provide the data? What else might be happenning?

This is ardour 2.8 BTW. Ardour 3 Beta 5 does not seem to suffer from this problem - instead it gives random xruns when doing nothing at all, i.e. with the transport stopped.

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I have never seen this on an export, so my first question is what version of 2.8 exactly?