Mackie MCU Pro

This page presents specific info about the Mackie MCU Pro control surface that should be taken in consideration when following Improved Mackie/Logic Control Support page intructions.

Preparing your device for Ardour

It's important to set your Mackie MCU Pro to the proper mode to work with Ardour: Mackie Control.

To do it turn off your control surface.

Press and hold channels 1 and 2 Select button while turning on the surface control again.

The display will show the 3 modes of operations supported by Mackie MCU Pro:

  1. Mackie Control - selectable by pressing V-Pot 1
  2. Logic Control - selectable by pressing V-Pot 4
  3. HUI - selectable by pressing V-Pot 8

Press V-Pot 1 to set it to Mackie Control mode.

Connecting your device

As several other control surfaces, Mackie MCU Pro requires the snd_usb_audio driver. Connect your control surface to your conputer through a proper USB cable and turn it on. If your Mackie MCU Pro isn't listed with

aconnect -o

your installation is probably missing the snd_usb_audio driver. Check to see how to enable it in your distribution.