BCF 2000 and BCR 2000

This page presents specific info about BCF 2000 and BCR 2000 control surfaces that should be taken in consideration when following Improved Mackie/Logic Control Support page intructions.

Preparing your device for Ardour

There are a few steps to prepare the BC[F|R]2000 to work with Ardour.

Firmware updating

The first thing you're likely to have to do is update the firmware in the unit. This is a relatively painless process.

Download the firmware from Downloads tab at BCF 2000's page. There will be a zip file available which should be downloaded. (This example uses version 1.10 of the firmware, the latest available at the time of this writing. There may be a newer version available now.)

Unzip the file you downloaded. You'll typically extract 2 SYX files, one for the BCF 2000 and the other for the BCR 2000. Choose the appropriate one.

Find the system device of the BCF:

% cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [M1010          ]: ICE1712 - M Audio Delta 1010
                     M Audio Delta 1010 at 0xdf80, irq 
2 [BCF2000        ]: USB-Audio - BCF2000
                     BEHRINGER BCF2000 at usb-00:1d.1-2, full speed

In this case there are 2 devices. The number at the left indicates the card number. The BC[F|R] is almost certain, then, to use the device /dev/snd/midiCnD0 where n is the card number, in this case, 2.

Write the firmware to the BC[F|R] with the command

cat bcf2000_1-10.syx > /dev/snd/midiC2D0


Make sure you use the actual device you determined in the previous step The BC[F|R] display will show a whirling figure-8 animation and count up to 18. Once the whirling stops, you should turn off the BC[F|R], count to 5, then turn it on again. You should then see the version number of the upgraded firmware displayed for a few seconds as the BC[F|R] starts.

Connecting your device

When you connect your device to your computer you should see the BCF's USB MODE light come on in the upper right corner. If that's not on, you'll need to figure out how to make your USB port work under Linux.

Customizing your control surface

BC[F|R] control surfaces require some customization to be used with Ardour.

BCF 2000 customizations

Let's prepare it for a modest set of things to the BCF to control for a track:

  • Volume
  • Panning
  • Mute, solo and rec-enable
  • Transport (play, stop, ffwd, rewind)

Preset 2 (P2), the Simple Mixer, is almost there, but the mute, solo and rec-enable controls in Ardour can't be mapped to a pushbutton on the BCF. This was because in P2, the buttons sent a Program Change signal, but Ardour expects a Control Change signal. This required re-programming the BCF a bit. Here's a list of the controls and what they should send:

  • Rotary knobs 1 through 8 when pressed: CC33 through CC40
  • First row of buttons: CC65 through CC72
  • Second row of buttons: CC73 through CC80

Here's a quick walk through to program the controls on the BCF. First we'll do the rotary knobs:

  1. Hold down the EDIT button and press the rotary control. The display will show b1.
  2. Turn the rotary control labeled TYPE until the display reads CC.
  3. Turn the rotary control labeled PAR until the display reads 33.
  4. Turn the rotary control labeled MODE until the display reads t on.
  5. Press the EXIT button.

Continue to program the other rotary controls in the same way, incrementing the value set by the PAR control by 1 each time. This will set the CC parameter for the second knob to 34, the third knob to 35, and so on.

The steps are the same for the two rows of pushbuttons under the rotary knobs. The CC values for the first row of buttons run from 65 to 72, and from 73 to 80 for the second row.

Finally, you need to store these changes so that they'll be kept even when the BCF has its power cycled.

Press the STORE button. Its LED will start to flash.

Select a different preset number if you wish with the left and right PRESET buttons.

Press STORE again to write the settings to an empty preset. If you want to overwrite an existing preset, press STORE twice. You can cancel the store operation at any time by pressing EXIT.

Your BCF2000 is now ready to control Ardour!

Source: 10.2. Using a BCF2000