fast track pro on linux mint 13 maya

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0as it is the same as ubuntu, i want to know the configuration on the qjackctl , (the setup and the connections part), i 've been struggling to make it work, i want to know also how to record a guitar directly connected, because i've only capture ambience sound but not the direct input, any help would be aprecciated

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It's NOT the same as ubuntu....

Turn on your Fast track pro, then launch qjackctl:

If running JACK2 and ONLY for JACK2 place -S after jackd in Server prefix like this:

jackd -S

Enable realtime
Priority (leave as default for now)
Frames/Period 256
Sample Rate 44100
Periods/Buffer 3 (3 is mostly used in USB and Firewrie devices, 2 for PCI)

Leave "Interface" as default and select:

Dither: None
Audio: Duplex
Input Device: hw:X,1
Output Device: hw:X,0

Where X is the number for the Fast Track Pro shown in the drop-down menu in the device list

Make sure the A/B switch next to the headphone monitoring plug is in the out position if monitoring with headphones for this setting.

I advice you to give my blog a good (although painful and boring) read whether you get good or bad results/performance from your Fast Track Pro: