Ardour struggles, slowdown with digital soundeffect - ALSA, Gina24 from Echo, Fedora 17

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Pablo Fernández
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[x@casino ~]# ulimit -r -l
real-time priority (-r) 70
max locked memory (kbytes, -l) 4194304

In my case, real-time priority is 95 and memlock unlimited. I think 4 GB is more than enough for memlock, but I'm not sure if rtprio 70 is OK. Ah, and just in case, make sure you are checking from a terminal belonging to the user who wants to run jack, not root or anything else.

jackd -r -d alsa -d hw:Gina24

remove "-r" which means non-realtime mode. Always run jack in realtime mode (the default). Maybe, you could try synchronous mode (-S).

jackd -S -d alsa -d hw:Gina24

At the moment I could not figure out how to start a playback from console. Any suggestions how to?

I like mplayer:

mplayer -ao jack

Another thing, you have pulseaudio installed. I don't know Fedora but pulseaudio used to be problematic in certain distros in the past. Try killing it before running jackd, but first disable pulseaudio autospawn.

Finally, as Paul and Seablade usually suggest, IRC tends to be much better to get help for this kind of issues. see Support tab.

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Re-installed the system. Clean install, nothing but Ardour and mc added to the system.

Booting a fully updated Fedora 17 with the original 3.3.4 kernel, ... All OK. Fully functional. No issues.
Booting the same system with the updated kernel 3.5.3 ... Jack Broken! Struggle, no playback just digital noise.

In the last installation I also had a kernel in between, that was not working either.

So it turned out to be a Kernel - Jack Issue, ...

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Eww not so good to hear that, sorry. Glad you got it working of course, but regressions == bad.


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I'm not terribly surprised really...We have a testing repo for 3.2 kernels and newer including full -rt preempted ones and the results have been very mixed. For AV Linux we still use a 3.0 series patched with audio drivers which seems to be fitting the bill. Unfortunately pro audio and JACK are very peripheral concerns to the kernel developers. I believe cutting edge kernels are a very bad idea for purpose-driven applications like a D.A.W.

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Well, .. if someone would have told me: Boot some other kernels, ... would have had saved some time,.. .) ... All suggestion where operiating on high level, eg. QJackCtl parameters, while the error was low-level ... Now we know, kernel. ...

.. but thanks for the notice anyway.

I would like to have ONE system that I use for: DAW, Video editing, Programming and development, .. all with newest technologies. ..

Thank you, everyone, for all help and suggestions. I appreciate it.