Ardour hangs on exit, ubuntustudio 12.04.1, ffado, focusrite

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Hi all!

I've just installed a new laptop with ubuntu studio etc as mentioned above. When I quit a project, I get prompted about saving and quitting or just quitting. No matter what I select, at that point Ardour will hang and must be killed. I also end up having to reset the firewire bus. Any ideas on what might be going on there? Is there anything I should do to make figuring out what the problem is easier?



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Try it when using the ALSA backend with your built in sound card. If the behavior doesn't persist the problem is likely something with FFADO and I would chat with the folks there.

If the problem does persist, the first thing I would recommend is not using Ubuntu's packages and trying the binary located here. The second thing I would say is giving us version numbers for Jack, Ardour, etc. is a good thing when asking for help:)


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I've had this same problem, with the official binaries for Ardour3 (both beta3 and beta5), and always using the ALSA backend. I usually just xkill the window.