New EQ10Q version is released

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My two cents:

Been away for far too long from the (amateur) music prod. My home studio is gathering a bit of dust and I had to move it to our living-dining-room ... my young kids are playing with my cables and gear buttons and they have ALL (or most of) my time. But I still keep an eye on the open-source evolution in audio s/w, still keep the flame burning for creating my own music with my platform of choice (linux) and in this, linuxdsp has become a MUST for DAW work under linux, by the sheer quality of his plugins.

And in case you don't know it, linuxdsp means

Linux Damn' Sweet Plugins

and if I can help advertise his biz by praising his products on this or that forum, I just do it.

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@Boesmann: The post you seem to be refering to was not an attempt to promote my software and I don't understand how it could be perceived as such. It was a question directed to Ben because he appeared to be proposing a change to the current Mixbus / plugin distribution model, which would directly affect (the commercial value of) an agreement I already have with Harrison, and I was surprised to see an announcement in a / this thread on a public forum without there being some formal terms and conditions / SDK etc in place which would apply to all developers wishing to have their software included with Mixbus (before such an announcement was made).

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That post was justified IMHO only because of the way the "calling all DSP developers" post was made, and if I had a contract with said company I also would have been taken aback by it.

Also, I don't see linuxDSP "spamming" thru-out the forum (you want to see what that really is, hit the Reaper forum and look for all the IK pot shots), it seemed like an honest comparison for 2 reasons...

1. They both are the only 2 graphical EQ's that work in a similar way in the Linux world AFAIK

2. The sound of the linuxDSP Black EQ, which I have heard, justify's the comparison to help make the EQ10Q the best it can be.

I, for one, applauded the effort to help out!

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I've got exactly the same problem than the others, for the GUI with Mixbus 2.2( grid scale problem).

Please let us know when a new version is ready!

Good job!

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With Ardour 3.0.0~svn13975:
- EQ10Q open correctly the first time only. After closing the window, it did the same "gui-bug" as with mixbus.

Another strange things about the presets save (not the "save to file"):
-can't save "Q" parameter. It always go to defaut (2)(also with load from file)
-When I load a preset and modify it, if I want to save the new 'version', it don't realy do it. Some value are changed.