linuxDSP Pultec EQ for Mac OSX updated

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The Mac port of the linuxDSP PEQ-2A Pultec EQ, released as the PTC-2A under our 'OverTone' brand has now been updated to fix a minor issue which may be of interest to users of Harrison Mixbus / Ardour on OSX.
Dragging controls using the mouse could previously be unreliable when the mouse pointer moved outside the plugin GUI window (this appears to affect some other plugins by other developers too, and is likely a GTK related issue rather than specifically a fault with the plugin or Mixbus / Ardour).
The latest version of the PTC-2A provides a workaround which addresses this problem (as usual this is a free update for existing users). The latest version can be found here:

Mac VST versions are also currently in development and are scheduled for release soon.