Odd Solo behavour

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ive noticed some very odd solo bahaviour.

I have a multitrack recording of a band. Ive set up several buses.

1 Stereo bus that all the kit is going and a compressor plugin on the bus
1 Stereo bus that has reverb for the kit
1 Stereo bus that has reverb for the vocals

Im using calf rack for the reverbs using inserts

i can solo the individual tracks fine and it solos as expected, you only here the channel you solo, except if you have a send that is going to reverb so you hear the channel plus the reverb. This is not how solo should work.

It goes a bit stranger though when you solo the stereo buses i have setup. i dont hear just drums i here everything except there is now nothing sending to the verb reberb. I should only be hearing Kick snare and toms which is whats routed to this stereo bus. ive comfirmed i have not accidentaly sent other stufrf by muting all the kit channels and there is nothing else going there.

if i solo the drum reverb, all the drums disapear (as expected) i hear the drum reverb, but also im still hering the bass and the guitars? wtf

if i solo the vocal reverb bus, all the drums disapear, but i still here the dry vocal channels plugs the guitars and bass.?

The reverbs are inserted and it doesnt seem to matter if i route it via the bus in and outs either.

to make things more confusing if i solo the master bus. the drums disapear ?

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the solo model in ardour2 is not very good. it is much more difficult to implement solo correctly with a routing model that allows anything-to-anything connectivity.

ardour3 has a very different design and implementation of solo, including AFL anf PFL. it works very, very much better (i would actually like to claim that its one of the best solo models in any DAW or even mixing console, but there are those would wouldn't agree with that).