won't go

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dude I downloaded this thing and I can't even get it to run bro. no offence but I think you guys broke it cause ma computer is the flippin boss.

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no offence, but you are not going to get much help with these type of posts, if you provide a little more info on what you are trying to do and maybe some specs of your "flippin boss" computer, we could probably help you a little more....

Just a note, the program will not "just run" if you downloaded it, extracted it and just started double clicking on files.....

And I don't know why, I get a small (very small) impression you might be using windows, is this correct?

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He CAN NOT be serious.

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Brilliant just found my new sig.

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hilarious :D ! This post just made my day.

But seriously... more info on your system specifications would really help. Lets start by which operating system you are using?