Ardour 3.0 is released

The Ardour team is happy to announce the release of Ardour 3.0 for Linux systems (OS X releases will follow in a few weeks).

This is the first release of Ardour that features support for MIDI recording, playback and editing. It also features a huge number of changes to audio workflow, which for many users may be more significant than the MIDI support. For an overview of the changes, please read the What's New page.

Please Plan On Updating

You should visit expect subsequent releases of 3.0 to follow at a rapid rate. We plan to release a new version every 2-4 weeks. Since 3.0 has many areas that need to be improved in addition to actual bugs, please plan on upgrading and keeping track of the program as it develops. There is every chance that the problem you encounter today will be solved in a short time.

No Need To Remove Other Versions

This release can be installed on your system at the same time as any previous or future version of Ardour. They will not interfere with each other in anyway, except for possibly sharing your Ardour preferences.

Working with 2.X Sessions

Although Ardour 3.0 will open most sessions created with Ardour 2.X, we recommend NOT working on such sessions with Ardour 3.0. Ardour 2.X will continue to be available and may even see occasional maintainance updates from time to time. If you have old sessions, continue to work on them with Ardour 2.

If you insist on opening existing Ardour 2.X sessions with 3.0, be aware that...
  • a backup copy of the 2.X version of the session file will be created
  • panning information will be lost
  • crossfades may not precisely match their 2.X counterparts
  • once you save a session in Ardour 3.0, Ardour 2.X will not be able to open the main session file again. It will, however, be able to use the backup that 3.0 created


As usual, you can get Ardour 3.0 from our Download page

Congratulations. Time to

Congratulations. Time to break out the champagne!
I'll be grabbing my copy tonight. The download page says "IF I was a subscriber..." even though I already am, but never mind, a donation will be on its way anyhow. Especially as I've got two paying studio gigs coming up shortly (no, I don't do it for a living so this is unusual) and I'm looking forward to using A3 for them.

Congratulations! I downloaded

I downloaded the 64bit package and installed it on Ubuntu12.10+KXStudio and it runs like a charm!

On first glance I see that the GUI is much improved. Ardour always had a nice GUI but this release even looks better than ever ;-)
All issues, that I had under KDE4 (including the issues with LV2-plugins) are gone and I did not need to run any crude workarounds regarding GTK under KDE.

So again: Kudos!

Ill keep testing an spread the word ;-)

Congratulations! Deep thanks


Deep thanks to Paul, all the team and #irc members!




Thank you and

Thank you and Congratulations!!!

I'd just like to echo the

I'd just like to echo the congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all the Ardour developers, plus everyone who's helped by reporting bugs.

Besides all the exciting new features, there's all those bug-fixes which many probably won't notice, except by their absence. A big thing for me is the tempo and meter rulers: I can now change time signature every bar if I like, safe in the knowledge that everything is (prog) rock solid in that department -- many, many thanks.

I would also like to send my

I would also like to send my thanks and congratulations - I've only been using 3.0 for sample recording and editing (along with some linuxdsp, calf and invada lv2 plugins) - but look to be completing a new full recording soon ..

I also am looking forward to using the MIDI clock functionality (although my new external sequencer now supports MTC :))

Hi Ardour Team, It's looking

Hi Ardour Team,

It's looking great and I love it. Downloaded yesterday but was not able to explore to much, but it's looking awesome so far. Thanks alot!


Congrats, great work guys! I

Congrats, great work guys!

I finally managed to testdrive A3 and must say that things looks great so far. Only some serious MIDI testing is left (expoloring the editing capabilities), but I played a little with it yesterday and found myself having a great and inspirational quality time. I quickly got into a creative mood and had no problem to transfer the MIDI stuff into wawe tracks without reading any manual.

Another thing that impresses me much is that A3 feels fast and snappy, it's not in the way when my mind is flowing. I will probably use A3 for recording sound, and if the MIDI editing capabilities are good enough, then the MIDI work will probably go there as well.

It is not free anymore, you

It is not free anymore, you have to pay SOMETHING for it if you want it to save settings.

But it is worth it, a lot of effort has gone into it over the years!

Thanks Paul. It's working

Thanks Paul. It's working great on AV Linux 6.0. Are we free to discuss Ardour3 in forums, make tutorials on youtube, etc now?

@smurf: it is not true that

@smurf: it is not true that you must pay for ardour. anyone who is willing to build it themselves or plans to get it from some 3rd party can do so at any time. however, what i (personally) support are binary builds that can be downloaded from, and those (and the work they represent) are something I'd like to get paid some amount for.

@smeefer: of course.

@smeefer: of course.



I stand corrected Paul!

I stand corrected Paul!

Paul, I very much wanted to

Paul, I very much wanted to put in the money to buy Ardour. However paypal is not playing along and for some reason my Indian card is not going through. I know there are some issues between the Indian government and Paypal and this might be a manifestation of that. Is there any other way I can pay? For now I will be trying to build it but even if that works I really would like to help with the costs in whatever little way I can.

@brijwhiz: i regret that i

@brijwhiz: i regret that i have no other payment options to offer unless you have a way to issue a US check. You can, however, choose to pay nothing. You just need to be insistent about it :)

Runs great on my Debian

Runs great on my Debian wheezy x86_64 box. Thanks!

Thanks for this free/open

Thanks for this free/open miracle.
The new gui "routing" implementation in A3 is simply fantastic, it works like a charm.
Some issue to understand how to manage the new group system, but it's just a matter of time i guess.
But this is just the first impression because there are LOTS of new features to discover!

Woooow!!! Incredible!!! Long

Woooow!!! Incredible!!! Long live ardour!

Just done two days of

Just done two days of recording a band with Ardour 3. Not a single crash or xrun, and it's amazing how much difference a small change like Ctrl/S to save current session helps (it used to be the snapshot key).
There's a small problem with the editor window not updating correctly when I delete a track. It happened mid-session and I'm waiting for time to to experiment and define a minimal recipe for reproducing the fault in case it hasn't been reported yet. The only other problems I had were due to not knowing how things work, partly due to incomplete documentation but some of it because I simply haven't learnt anything like all of it, and some of it is different from A2.

Very pleased with it so far. Thanks Paul and the rest of the team.

anahata: I second the

anahata: I second the problems with deleting tracks, but I also had no time to reproduce it reliably yet.