LV2 Plugin for Pianoteq

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Edward Diehl
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Pianoteq version 4.5 released today now has a LV2 plugin, 2 and 5 channel versions. I gave them a quick check and they seem to work fine in Ardour3. Ok, this is non-free software, but it is nice to see commercial use of LV2 which should encourage additional commercial LV2 offerings.

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Awesome, glad to see this. I've previously purchased the Stage version and it works really nicely. Going to grab this update right away.

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Hi all please excuse the elementary nature of this question. does anyone one have a basic way of getting the plugins in ardour 3 to have their GUI to appear with knobs switches etc..... I am speaking about the Calf-plugins etc.

Thanks Robbie

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rrrobart: you are probably using a version of Ardour provided by a Linux distribution that ONCE AGAIN has mis-packaged the program.

Get Ardour from or build it (carefully and thoroughly) yourself and this problem will go away.