My second album finished, made with Ardour3!

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I'm very pleased to announce that my second album is finished and online! :D
It's called "Ordinary Day Montage", and it consists of 8 tracks, and is a bit more electronic than my last one.

I prepared a page for this at my new website, , but my host is a little shaky, so it might not always work. So, if that link doesn't work, you can find the album at:

FLAC/OGG/MP3-formats for download at Piratebay:

I'm very excited to be finished and to have completed this. Everything was, as always, 100% made with Linux and Linux software. It's also licensed CC-BY-SA. I wrote a bit about the album and what I've used technically too at , if anyone wants to check that out!

Anyway, thank you for taking your time to listen! I greatly appreciate it!

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Heard some of it. Good work zth!

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Thank you very much dsreyes! :D

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Lightning strikes twice! A really great collection of songs and sounds, great work!

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Congratulations :) I had listened to your first album, not just once either. I actually really enjoyed it and continue to listen to it from time to time. I meant to comment on it but I forgot. It's great to see you have more music for us to listen to :) I'm going to download it now :)

The production on your stuff is really something to admire. Did I read correctly that you never recorded music before Linux? I think I recall reading that from when I was looking up stuff about your first album.

I think your music is the first to really showcase what Ardour is capable of now with it's midi capabilities. At least from what I’ve seen posted here in the "Made with Ardour" section of the forums.

Was this sequenced exclusively in Ardour? I understand your first album was partly done in Open Octave. I saw nothing to suggest it wasn't all sequenced in Ardour this time.

Keep up the good work and be sure to post up any more music :)

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Thank you Glen! :D

Thank you very much for your kind words, I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed the last album!

About the recording, yeah that's true. I've always been very musically interested though, and played the guitar a lot. Just never recorded anything or fully wrote any songs, other than making up melodies occasionally. I've always had a lot of musically active friends though, so I've always had some form of concept of what it's about.

Yeah, this time I abandoned OpenOctave fully and just used Ardour3. The reason being first and foremost that transferring data between the two programs are so time-consuming, as OpenOctave has neither stem-export nor offline-export, making exporting take ages. I'll still maintain that OpenOctave is easier to get MIDI-stuff done with than currently in Ardour, but I've found my way around most of it now. My sequencing isn't that complex or demanding anyway :)

Thank you again LeatusPenguin, I hope I can continue and make more music!

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nice sound :)
i really liked the 3rd track, Still.

ive been using ableton live and reason for years now but i just installed linux after getting sick of windows. was looking at ardour as a good alternative but i wasnt sure what it was capable of, and you just sold it to me!
looking forward to album number 3 but until then im gonna download your first 2 and give them a proper listen :)

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Really nice dude, I'm checking it out :)

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dubers: it makes me really happy that i inspired you! :D great motivational boost for me. thanks! ableton/reason is quite different to ardour, but i believe most things are possible with ardour, just a bit more difficult at times ;) i hope you enjoy the music!

rombus: thanks a lot!