System Wide Freeze

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Total System lock up both Mixbus and Ardour latest build .
pyDAW - Linux DAW-Distro
Install went smoothly / no errors.

PC Asus P5Q 2*3Ghz 4GB RAM
Audio Interface : Phonic Firefly 808 Universal / Latest firmware update connected via USB . Sync set to internal.

I've Tried 44100 and 96000 sample-rates both crash on opening project if i change the buffersize
before the project launch .

also if I change the latency buffer at any point inside the application produces the same system wide freeze .

I haven't tried starting Jack / QJackCtrl before launching Ardour / Mixbus 'cause I've not had any problems starting Jack ... just Ardour / Mixbus .

Also if I rec arm multiple audio tracks and then engage / press the red record button the same big freeze occurs ):

I know my PC is about 7 to 8 years in the past,
but how come the same arsenal can succesfully run Avid / Digidesign Pro Tools 11.01 under the same workload and circumstances ?

quite saddened for my one dollar investment,
but still looking for a bug-free

- zERGEI W -

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system-wide freezes indicate a problem in the kernel or in X Window. it is not possible for a user-space application to lock up your system. if there is a problem in X Window, the system can appear frozen even though it is not - logging in to the system via ssh from another machine van verify this.

from your other symptoms, the problem is probably in the FFADO support for your Phonic Firefly.

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i would try to run that pydaw in "save modus" (acpi=off and so on)
one by one dollar and there will bee a huge solid and secure system :)

for PT you will always pay more.
And bug free: there is no bug free daw, you can trust me.