Ardour 3.4 released

Ardour 3.4 is released, after a month and half of the lazy, hot, travel-filled days of the end of summer (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, at least). This is primarily a maintainance release, with a couple of new features that will prove useful for various users. Note: one of the fixes addresses a very serious issue with session clean-up in cases where time-stretched or pitch-shifted regions are present. Anyone who ever uses these features of Ardour is absolutely and unequivocally advised to upgrade.

As usual you can download it from the usual place, and as usual subscribers get this update without cost. Thanks to everyone for their support (and encouragement).

Once again, the OS X release situation has still not improved, though a demo copy of 3.4 is available (fully featured except that is has no video timeline, no saving or restoring of plugin settings, and no plugin presets).

Read more below for full details.

New Features

  • 7 new meter types: DIN, EBU, Nordic, BBC, VU, K14 and K20 (total meter types now stands at 9)
  • optional master bus meter now available in transport bar
  • MIDI data is now forwarded "around" plugins with no MIDI output/input
  • for export, add CAF to support audio file formats


  • fix extremely hard-to-fix damage done to session when cleaning up any session containing time-stretched and/or pitch-shifted regions.
  • fix issue with timecode subframe rounding
  • fix issue tracking LTC when locate occurs when stopped
  • fix issues with removing ports from tracks + busses (they were never completely removed)
  • fix a crash when deleting a bus
  • MIDI Clock can now send positional information correctly
  • MIDI trace window now prints human readable version of MIDI clock messages
  • fix long term issue that could silence or add noise to channels not processed by a plugin
  • make K-20 the default meter type for the master bus
  • some meter polishing (font, colors, NaN & inf protection, etc)
  • when importing audio with "1 track per channel", correctly name each track with a different name, to fix problems when reloading the session
  • meters cannot be deactivated anymore
  • support for LV2 plugins using the KXstudio:external-ui extension
  • fix special handling of scroll wheel when vertically zooming
  • fix crash if a folder being added to the shortcut folder (in the generic GTK filechooser) is already there.
  • re-organize library initializations during startup


Robin Gareus, Michael Fisher, Tim Blechmann, Colin Fletcher, Tim Mayberry, Paul Davis


Many Ardour users have tested aspects of 3.4 during development, but particular thanks for their intensive testing and extensive feedback go to Chris Goddard, Axel Mueller, Conor McCormack.

Translation Updates

  • Czech translation updated (Pavel Frich)
  • German translation updated (Edgar Aichinger)

Great.. looking forward to

Great.. looking forward to use it in my next film mix.... thanks to Paul and Team....

Dear Paul, The download page

Dear Paul,

The download page says as below, please help....

A Problem Occured

We regret that there has been a problem with your order. Please contact us via email at if it is necessary to resolve the issue described below.


The file you requested doesn't seem to exist.

same here, thanks paul for

same here, thanks paul for this great update,having ebu meters implemented is just great!

@abhayadevs: problem fixed

@abhayadevs: problem fixed (it only affected unpaid downloads). sorry about that.

I m still getting this

I m still getting this although i m logged in:

We regret that there has been a problem with your order. Please contact us via email at if it is necessary to resolve the issue described below.

The file you requested doesn't seem to exist.

Hi, 32-bit version of 3.4 is

Hi, 32-bit version of 3.4 is still unavailable.

I'm getting the same problem

I'm getting the same problem when attempting to download the 32-bit version of 3.4. The file "doesn't seem to exist" it says.

still working on trying to

still working on trying to figure out what is happening. the web server can't find the x86 3.4 release file, even though it is clearly there and in place. hopefully the morning will bring some insight ....

Thanks paul. I hope to get

Thanks paul. I hope to get 3.4 installed soon.

The problem with 3.4 has now

The problem with 3.4 has now been fixed. An extra space crept into the filename and that caused issues with the download.

Awesome work! Looking forward

Awesome work! Looking forward to upgrading shortly.

Very curious about the MIDI plugin forwarding changes, and whether it'll affect mapping of MIDI and plugin controls to hardware interfaces. Any more info about this in docs or on the mailing list?

samtuke: the MIDI handling

samtuke: the MIDI handling changes will no visible effects on that other stuff. It simply means that if MIDI is flowing through a track or bus, it continues to flow even if one of the plugins it flows "through" doesn't actively accept or output MIDI.

Excelent work, the new meters

Excelent work, the new meters are pretty good and ive noticed ive got a 3rd meter on stereo tracks, im assuming this is a mono meter of the combined left and right?

I've just loaded up a project i had been having trouble with in ardour 3.3 to see if it still gave me trouble, and unfortunatly it does. While fixing some missing notes, i had a note not get penciled into a region. I had to create it forward of the start of the region and then resize it so it started in the right place but when i played the track when it got to that point fluidsynth plugin seemed to crap out when it tried to play that note with a burst of very short noise then the remainder of that midi track (drums) didnt play despite there being midi data being sent.

Then when i deleted the note to try and re-add it ardour crashed.

I'll get some debuging info up when i can, and if i get time i may start the project from scratch and rebuild all the parts from fresh and see if the same problems happen to rule out any errors that may have cropped in .

Thanks for the update. In

Thanks for the update.

In 3.3, there is an issue with Windows VSTs on mono tracks: If one inserts a stereo VST plugin, the left channel is louder than the right one, or vice versa. It seems to me, that the automatic "conversion" to a stereo channel has an issue with Windows VSTs. (The workaround is to insert an LV2 plugin before the VST such as Calf Vintage Delay that makes the track stereo, and set this plugin to bypass.) Is this error still there in 3.4?

I don't know how enthusiastic you are about Windows VSTs, but if there is an active development, I would be willing to do some more testing with 3.4 and a more detailed problem description and file a bug for this.


@veda_sticks: The 3rd meter

@veda_sticks: The 3rd meter is likely the MIDI data. ie you have a MIDI-track with a stereo synth on it). As for the odd midi editing behaviour, please file a ticket in the bug-tracker (it might already be there). As far as I know, there have been no changes regarding MIDI editing since 3.3.

@DrNI: explains the view of ardour's developers on windows VST.

@Paul: Thanks i have it now..

@Paul: Thanks i have it now.. let me roll....

Thanks for the the

Thanks for the the information, i already have a bug report submitted ill add some more information with 3.4 running. I did have a problem with tal plugins II and III crashing ardour when loading the gui, but i worked out that it was LXDE causing the issue. Once i logged back into KDE i was able to load the guis again without any problems.

I think im going to be moving back to av linux. KX studio while a nice distro AV linux seems to be the most stable.

@Paul: Well I guess you've

@Paul: Well I guess you've seen enough discussions about Windows VSTs and Ardour. Just a minor remark: Unfortunately, Voxengo, who are the creaters of some plugins that are essential to me, denied my request to port to Linux(VST).

Still, one question remains unanswered to me: Do you want bug reports on Windows VST issues, or is this considered a dead end anyways?

I just donated and downloaded

I just donated and downloaded the .tar file - are you planning to provide distribution packages as well, at least for Ubuntu LTS? Or did I miss something and v3.4 packages exist somewhere already?

Thank you!

I don't think distro packages

I don't think distro packages have ever been available except from the distros themselves (which means they are usually out of date and sometimes not as complete/perfect as they should be)

AVLinux usually has it available as a .deb in the AVLinux repository within days if not hours of a new release here, but even then, Glenn recommends using the tar file from here if there's any doubt about the AV Linux version working perfectly.

The install procedure of the tar file is simple enough, surely?

@jens: i have no plans to

@jens: i have no plans to ever provide distro-specific packaging. it is too much work and provides no real gain at all (especially since our packaging allows parallel installs of different versions of Ardour, something that most/all distributions do not enable in their packaging systems). We certainly do not plan to target specific distributions, and if we did, it would not be something like Ubuntu.

FalkTX from kx studio team i

FalkTX from kx studio team i think has worked out the problems with loading guis in the TAL plugins


Re: KXStudio recent updates - any problems?

Postby falkTX » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:52 pm
Your error is right here:

Code: Select all
suil error: Unable to open wrap module /opt/kxstudio/lib/suil-0:/opt/Ardour-3.4-dbg/lib/

report to the ardour devs that KXStudio sets up SUIL_MODULE_DIR variable, and ardour3 erroneously adds to it instead of replace it.
I think if you run:

Code: Select all

Ill add this note to my bug report

the work on the meters is

the work on the meters is awesome! thanks paul!

@fernesto: thank robin

@fernesto: thank robin (gareus) for this. he is the meter-uber-meister, among many other -ubermeister positions that he holds.

THANKS ROBIN!!!! K-14 is

THANKS ROBIN!!!! K-14 is greeaaattt! xD, it really is also is good to have K-20 although mixing for for Video in 6 channels is still pretty complicated isn't it?

more Thanks Robin! :)

more Thanks Robin! :)

Can the loops that are going

Can the loops that are going to be imported be played at project tempo in the loop import and preview? Its nice to be able to preview loops at project speed before importing them.

@rob37: not at present.

@rob37: not at present.

Hello. I downloaded the Mac

Hello. I downloaded the Mac OSX version and found it rather buggy. I am more than happy to test it - are there formal test specs anywhere or a test outline for Ardour? Could you point me in an appropriate direction so that I can assist with formal testing? I am running OSX 10.8 on a non-retina MacBook Pro and have various audio/MIDI interfaces to test with.


Hi Rich! Great! The OSX port

Hi Rich!

Great! The OSX port needs much more Mac testers (and devs too, ideally) who are willing to write detailed bug reports. The Bug Tracker is linked all over - you can't miss it.

You'll need to sign up to the tracker to report bugs but there's no strict formal procedure to follow - just give as much detail as is required to reliably reproduce any flaws or crashes you find. Knowing how to use gdb would be helpful too, but I'm not sure if doing so for Macs is documented anywhere yet athough I expect it'll be the same process as under Linux.