Ardour limits to 32 tracks

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Hi there,
I'm trying to add my 33rd track to my Ardour 3.4 (Revision 3.3-190-gad7ab8f from source code built) session, but Ardour always fails with
[ERROR]: kann Port: failed constructor nicht erzeugen
[ERROR]: konnte 1 neue Audiospur nicht erstellen

The first means "Could not create Port: failed constructor", the second something like "Could not create 1 new audio track." in English.
The issue isn't solved by rebooting Ardour/Jack/the Computer. Does someone have an idea?


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Yes, you need to increase the number of available ports in Jack. How to do this depends on what you are using to start Jack, but Ardour does have a dialog for this in the audio setup tab specifically to do this.