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i just downloaded the .tar.gz files how do i get this goin?
im new to linux and te program looks great from the screen shots, its an awfully small download to include so much aye? can some one help me get it installed??
thanks in advanced

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i don't wish to be rude, but if you don't know the next steps to take with a tar.bz2 file, i have a feeling that you will find compiling ardour from source a huge amount of rather painful work. enough that you may not want to finish it, and you may therefore miss out on trying ardour.

what linux distribution are you using? they should have a binary package of at least ardour 0.99.3 (its not so pretty, but it is almost as functional).

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you can dip your toe into the sea of hackerdom by attempting to build:

#1 read (and google for all questions that come up during reading)

#2 install all the packages mentioned in #1

#3 unpack the tar.gz file

#4 scons (that builds it!)

#5 find out that you have not yet installed some other needed packages, install them, back to #4

#6 that's it! Can take serious amounts of time, mostly depending on how long #1 takes for you. #4 takes about 20 minutes on my amd64.