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hi there
i am trying to set up Ardour so that i can use the surface controller option to produce a live set. I am using a Behringer rotary 2000 controller which works fine with jack. However when I try to use ctrl middle cick an ctrl to map midi messages nothing happens. As in the prompt comes up to move a knob or press a button etc but Ardour does not recoginise the action.
So can anyone tell me what I have to set up in the edit / preference / surface controller menu oor in jack to get midi to work.

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Did you read the section on setting up MIDI in the manual?

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Go to edit > preferences and click on the control surfaces tab. For the BCR you will need to enable Generic Midi. If you have already done this, make sure you have a2jmidid running with the command "a2jmidid -e" -


Then make sure your device is connected up to Ardour's MIDI control in. The "Using control surfaces" section in the manual should tell you anything else you need to know.