Driver compilation instructions for Ubuntu

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Does anyone have a good set of instructions for compiling ALSA drivers for Ubuntu "Dapper Drake" 6.06?

All the instructions for compiling ALSA drivers I've found so far seem to be for some distribution which is quite a bit different.

While ALSA now supports my audio card (an old Echo Layla.) As I understand it, it has to be compiled and linked specifically for that card in order to work.

Maybe I don't need to go through all this rigmarole, but trying alsaconf gets a file not found message (even with sudo) and /dev/sndstat is empty. Ubuntu does not seem to recognize it as a sound card, so I presume I need to get all the bits and compile the drivers. . .

Please forgive me if this is too far off topic.

- John.

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i would try running (as root):
$locate alsaconf

alsaconf is mostly situated in /usr/sbin, so i could be that it is simply not in your path. if you find out that alsaconf in in you /usr/sbin, than run as root: