'Ambiguous file'

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Hi there. I recently imported several WAV files into my Ardour project. (if it's important, I imported these WAVs from the 'interchange folder' of a different project.) Now every time I open up Ardour, it tells me there are 'ambiguous files' and that I have to select the path of the WAV I want, and I have to click 'Done' for every single one before the project loads up. How can I bypass this so that the project automatically picks the WAVs in its own interchange folder? They should already be copied into the session so I don't understand why those dialogue boxes have to come up.

Another unrelated question: is there a way to rename the 'takes' in an edit group? It was very convenient that the playlists could be linked in an edit group with 'selection' enabled -- but if I tried to rename any of them, they became unlinked...

Help is appreciated! Thank you!