Zoom R8 as Audio Interface / Control Surface

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Loving Ardour .. fantastic! So far I've only used my Zoom R8 as a recorder then copied the tracks to my computer using the R8 in "Card Reader" mode. Then I import into Ardour and mix successfully.

Can I use the R8 as an audio interface and/or control surface?

I installed kmidimon and can see data as I twiddle various controls with the R8 in "Audio Interface" mode. Is there a README or something like that specific to the R8 and Ardour that shows where to go from there?

Also, not sure how to record from the R8's inputs directly into Ardour. Can you help me with that, if it's possible?

Sorry for the complete noob questions. I did successfully build the calf plugins from the git repository .. works great, this is all very good stuff. Thank you.

I'm such a noob I haven't even found how to search the forum instead of posting something like this that has probably already been asked dozens of times .. I'm very sorry for that.

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I'm using Jack and Fedora 20. Using Jack I can open the patchbay but I'm not sure what to connect. When I try MIDI Learning by pressing CTRL-Middle I got the "operate controller now" pop up but nothing happens when I move the controls on the R8. I did enable OSC and Generic MIDI in ardour.

I'm thinking I'm down to knowing how to make the connections in Jack ..?

Also, still not sure how to get the audio itself in over the USB connection .. ?

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Interesting project :-).
I have tried to inform myself about the R8 to try to help you a bit - as it seems to me (regarding http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/r8) it should be possible at least to use the R8 as an audio interface. The question if it's also possile to use it as a control surface might depend on if the R8's protocol fits into Ardour.

As for audio:
It seems to me that the R8 has two outputs and so it can send a stereo signal. To connect this to Ardour you might first look at look at JACK's settings window (the patchbay is useful for other things, for example to save connections afterwards). BTW I'm very sorry that I cant name the windows 100 per cent correctly in English because I use German software versions.
In the settings window you should first choose R8 as input and output device. Stop JACK and start it again.
After that you can go to JACK's connections window and connect R8's outputs with Ardour's inputs - normally with the inputs of an audio track. (You can also use a fine software called Patchage to make those connections: http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/apps/all/patchage)
You can make all those audio connections without having to work with MIDI - so it's rather easy :-).

As for R8 as a control surface:
It seems to me that R8 uses a USB MIDI connection. This is similar to the Mackie MCU Pro which I use. So maybe it takes similar steps to make the R8 work. There are two instruction sites which might help you though parts of them refer to the MCU Pro:
https://community.ardour.org/a3_features_mcp (I use to use the version with a2jmidid.)

Please let us know if it works :-)