Fedora Core 5

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Ardour looks great and I'd love to try it. Can anyone provide a basic step by step process for installing it on Fedora Core 5?


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You should check out Planet CCRMA at


which is an "overlay" for most Fedora distributions that adds a low latency kernel and just about every audio/video/media app for Linux as prebuilt packages. Ardour2 is already available at CCRMA.

The one problem is that Fernando keeps his software repository a lot more up to date than his web pages, so you will get the impression, perhaps, that FC5 is not yet supported. It is.

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Whoa! I am running FC5 here and it seems I went through the (little) trouble of building 2.0 for no reason then!

You're in good hands with Planet CCRMA topper, I've used it for 3 years now with no trouble.