New website theme

If you're reading this, you're seeing the results of Thorsten Wilm's diligent work on the website theme. Its not a major change, but we hope you enjoy the mostly subtle modifications. Thorsten is a talented graphic designer and interface engineer, and has an interesting website ( with several innovative ideas for widgets and audio application UI design. He is also responsible for Ardour's logo and fader design. among other things.

Although the Ardour logo

Although the Ardour logo looks a bit 'pink' on my monitor, I must say that I like the new theme a lot...

Maybe this can be a nice opportunity to update the copyright notice? ;) "Copyright 2006 Paul Davis."

It looks nice. I wonder

It looks nice.
I wonder though, if the theme could be more so that it resembles ardours gui.

For example a grey header with a light blue logo (just like the "about" panel of ardour which looks really nice). I'm not really into this red logo.
The boxes on the right a grey background instead of blue...

I would leave the middle of the screen and the left column like it is. (everything grey backgrounded with white letters (like ardour) is a bit over the top for a webpage)

I don't want to criticize just some ideas..
Thanks for the effort thorwil !

I have to agree with the

I have to agree with the above sentiments. Not much into the red logo and red writing is much nicer