Conceptual work on MIDI editing

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thorwil (not verified)

I'm uneasy about holding down space to do anything. It's bound to play / pause, triggering on key down.

I know of one example - Maya - where tapping and holding space are used for different things. The later for bringing up the menu system, so it's for a rather short duration. Unlike the time needed for any serious work on CCs.

Oh, and we don't steal ideas. We take inspiration and only in the worst case copy something - I mean, they can keep it ;)

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haha... Well, there's not much inspiration you can take from a box that shows a value - maybe make it a circle lol! :D

As for the space thingy, you're probably right there, but it was more a conceptual idea than a suggestion - I mean, space or no space, any other key could be used instead even if it was taken as such, space just happened to be the closest key to my face when I looked down at my keyboard lol, I'll try turning it round next time ;)...