2.0rc2 released

A week or two on from 2.0rc1, and its time to offer up 2.0rc2 source and the Mac OS X DMG, which we hope will be the final release before 2.0. At this point, we don't anticipate any code changes at all before 2.0. Read more below for the changes since rc1 ...

Google Summer of Code 2007 Update

Google announced their decisions regarding this year's Summer of Code. The Ardour project has been awarded 2 projects, which are:

MIDI editing
by Dave Robillard, Carleton University, Ottawa (mentored by Paul Davis). Dave picked the short straw and will be working 27 hours a day to implement every item of MIDI editing functionality known to man.
N.M panning
by Christian Muise, Carleton University, Ottowa (mentored by Jesse Chappell). Christian will be working on adding back end support for more traditional multispeaker panning systems (like 5.1, 10.2 and so forth) along with a GUI to control it.

Google ended up awarding projects to just 900 students, of 3000+ applicants (and more than 6000 applications), so our two projects are a very positive outcome for us.

We welcome Dave back to paid summer work on Ardour, and offer a new welcome to Christian. Is it a coincidence that they are both at Carleton? Hard to say. Will it be useful to have two SoC students at the same institution? The summer will reveal all...

2.0 rc1 released

A couple of weeks after 2.0 beta12, the Ardour team brings you 2.0rc1 , and the OS X Tiger universal DMG. Dozens of bug fixes, a few usability improvements, even a couple of new features (e.g. rename&delete snapshots). This is first release candidate for 2.0, but it is missing last minute tweaks, specifically up to date and complete translations. We hope to release RC2 within the next 7-10 days which will hopefully be the final release before 2.0. Read more below for the changelist.

2.0 beta12 released

Two months since our last beta release, we are finally ready to unleash 2.0 beta12, with over a hundred fixes and hugely improved stability. Here is the Mac OS X 10.4.x universal binary, a 10.3.x version can be made upon request. This will be the last beta before 2.0rc1, which will be followed by 2.0rc2 and then 2.0. There are still bugs (Shock!) in 2.0 beta12, but it's time to get the 2.0 release wrapped up so that developers can start working on new features in addition to bug fixes. 2.0 is now at least as stable as 0.99.3, and for a number of tasks, much more stable. Read more below for the substantive change log and things to be fixed before 2.0...

Google Summer of Code 2007

We've applied to be accepted been accepted into the Google Summer of Code for 2007. Last year we had several great projects, a great time and both got some work done and brought some new developers onto the team. Let's repeat that this year! Project ideas inside...

Exporting to ogg from Ardour

I posted this on my blog a long time ago, but even google won't tell you its there.

From time to time people ask if it's possible to export directly to mp3 or ogg. The Ardour faq says that its meant for serious work, and that mp3 is not a suitable format.

However, sometimes it can be desireable to export to a lossy format, hd space restrictions being one good reason.

Ardour and DVD, soup to nuts.

Hello. This is not totally Ardour related, but useful to someone I hope. I do music for telly sometimes, and receive stuff on DVD. I make new music, sync it to picture myself and then send back a DVD so they can see if it works etc.

Hello from Keyboard Magazine

We've been following the development of Ardour for some time, and are planning a story on the current state of musicmaking on Linux as part of a DAW tech feature in an upcoming issue. On this thread, we'd love to hear from folks who are doing all or most of their production on a Linux-based system. We'll be gearing the article towards users who may be largely unfamiliar with Linux, and indeed, the entire open-source culture, but from my lurking here, it really seems like both the community and the tools are mature enough that we're able to talk about them alongside the familiar commercial products for Windows and Mac OS X.

I look forward to getting to know folks here, and should you have an interest in the keyboard-playing realm, I invite you to participate in the Keyboard Corner forum at http://forums.musicplayer.com. Cheers,

Stephen Fortner, Technical Editor

March Financial Goals: lots of new subscribers

Last month, 211 members of the Ardour community donated $8000 to support the continuing development of Ardour. It was a wonderful demonstration of the support for this software.

However, there at least 6,000 downloads of Ardour for OS X every month. Another 6,000+ source tarballs are downloaded every month, presumably destined mostly for Linux systems. And then there are the unknown number of people install binary packages of Ardour managed by their Linux distributions. We don't know how many of the downloads are repeats, how many never even use the software, how many run into a problem that ends their use before they even begin, etc. Clearly though, interest in the software is substantial, and it doesn't seem too unreasonable to guess that there are 100-1000 new users every month.

The donations give during February were fantastic, but they are a one time affair. The costs of being a full time developer of Ardour are, sadly, not one time. It would be great if that new user community could step up and support the project by subscribing, thus helping to build a base of long term financial support. Your $10/month subscription will help maintain our intense level of active development with multiple commits to the tree every day.

Please note: this is not an appeal to the long time user community who have already been very generous. Instead, try to convince another Ardour user (or two or three) to become a subscriber.

Of course, regular donations are still very welcome.

February Financial Goals Met

I often try to write in the 3rd person on this website, but for once I need to speak entirely in the first. It is hard for me to convey the extent of my gratitude to the 200+ people who contributed funds during February to allow me to keep working on Ardour full time. Either through donations or subscriptions, you have made it possible for me to keep working for at least a couple of months while I continue to figure out long term funding possibilities. I am so very thankful for the support you have all offered, and I will do everything I can to honor that support with good code, new releases and coming soon, a whole slew of new features. Thank you to everyone. Stay tuned for a slightly different focus for March ...