OS X "Native" version of Ardour gets closer

We are getting closer and closer to being able to release a "native" OS X version of Ardour that will not require X11. There are still several substantive issues to be resolved, but a few bleeding edge users are currently evaluating the initial "All In One" package that includes JACK as well as Ardour (and will very soon include a set of recommended LADSPA plugins too). This has been made possible by the amazing work of the GTK-Quartz porting team, who managed to get GTK to run on a system that is really fundamentally different in several key ways from X11. Stay tuned for more news.

More Progess With MIDI

Dave Robillard continues his work on Ardour's MIDI recording, playback and editing capabilities as part of the Google Summer of Code program. Since the last screenshot (below), Dave has added color coding of velocity values, percussion tracks, two modes for delivering MIDI CC data (discrete+interpolated), and some basic editing operations such as quantize, note selection and pencil-based note creation & deletion.

screenshot of Ardour MIDI support

Ardour 2.0.5 released

As we grow nearer to the dog days of the northern hemisphere's summer, we bring you Ardour 2.0.5 ( DMG available), a fixup release coming after various issues were discovered on OS X while preparing a package of 2.0.4. Read more below for the changes in 2.0.5 (and 2.0.4 for those who missed it) ...

Ardour 2.0.4 released

Squeaking just before of the end of July, the Ardour project brings you release 2.0.4 ( tarball, DMG to follow), another mix of important bug fixes with some great new features. Read more below for details ...

Progress with MIDI

The screenshot below shows some of the progress being made in the trunk branch of Ardour toward MIDI recording, playback and editing. Congratulations and thanks to Dave Robillard, for his rapid work on the core of this as well as the code restructuring it has required, and to Google for funding Dave this summer.

Ardour 2.0.3 released

After some unexpected delays, the Ardour project is pleased to announce the availability of version 2.0.3. You can fetch it either as a source tarball or OS X Tiger DMG. Read more below for the change list...

SAE Institute sponsors Ardour open source DAW project

15.5.2007 – London, UK - SAE Institute, the leading worldwide college for audio engineering, has agreed to become a corporate sponsor of Ardour, the open source digital audio workstation project. This major sponsorship ensures continual development of Ardour as a free, community-based audio recording and production software. Ardour has previously received corporate support from Solid State Logic and Harrison, but has primarily relied on donations from the public and the dedication of creator Paul Davis

This new initiative will support the further development of Ardour to become a viable DAW alternative for home and professional studio users, freely available to anyone. Development aims include a more integrated experience on Mac OS X. A separate version is intended to be developed which will be tailored towards beginner students, whilst also being available to anyone and staying compatible with the main branch of Ardour.

Follow the "read more" link for more details ....

2.0.2 "fixup" released

There was an error in the source tarball released as 2.0.1. We are therefore releasing 2.0.2 as a fix for this. The OS X DMG of 2.0.1 does NOT have this error in it, there is no reason to upgrade if you have downloaded the DMG of 2.0.1 2.0.2 is identical to 2.0.1 except that it actually includes all all the fixes listed below rather than all but one. There is a new DMG as well, just for consistency, but to repeat: OS X users have no reason to upgrade at this time. Please read more below to see the changes in 2.0.1/2.0.2 ...

3D desktop and Ardour

Doug Mclain did some nice screenshots of Ardour (with QJackctl and JAMin) running on a Beryl-powered desktop. Amazing stuff. Click on the image to see the full size glory ...

Honest, OS X, we still have feelings for you, but your pretty cousin is in town ...

New website theme

If you're reading this, you're seeing the results of Thorsten Wilm's diligent work on the ardour.org website theme. Its not a major change, but we hope you enjoy the mostly subtle modifications. Thorsten is a talented graphic designer and interface engineer, and has an interesting website (http://thorwil.wordpress.com/) with several innovative ideas for widgets and audio application UI design. He is also responsible for Ardour's logo and fader design. among other things.