2.0 beta 8 released

Another solid week of bug fixing leads us to 2.0 beta 8. The OS X universal binary is here. Read on for the changelog ...

2.0 beta 7.1 released

After a frenetic week or two of activity, many fixes to the biggest problems seen in beta6 have been completed, and work on the backlog of issues in the bugtracker has commenced. This means you can now get 2.0 beta 7.1 as a tarball release. There will be a binary release for OS X of this release, stayed tuned for an announcement.
Read more for the change log, it's substantive.

2.0 beta 6.2 released

A frustrating error required the release of beta6.2 in order to fix a crashing bug inadvertently introduced in beta6.1.

2.0 beta 6.1 released

2.0 beta 6.1 has been released. This contains a few minor fixes and some ongoing build system work that happened since beta6 was packaged.

2.0beta6 released

We are pleased to announce the next beta release of Ardour 2.0.

Ardour 2.0beta5 released

We are happy to announce a new beta release of Ardour 2.0 (beta 5.1). This release features a huge number of improvements and fixes since the last beta.

Ardour T-Shirts now available

Thanks to the fantastic work of Thorsten Wilms on the new Ardour icon, we now now have Ardour T-Shirts available.

Solid State Logic announces support for the Ardour project

The Ardour project is happy to be able to announce the involvement and support of Solid State Logic (SSL), one of the most respected and trusted names in the field of audio technology. SSL has chosen to support Ardour's development and to promote the idea of its broader adoption within the audio technology industry. Please read on for more details.

New forum look

You asked for it, you got it. We've revamped the forums so they more closely resemble phpbb and other such software. There's still some tweaking to be done, but enjoy.

What to expect in Ardour2

The Ardour team has made many changes beyond just the switch from gtk1 to gtk2. Here is an incomplete feature list