New forum look

You asked for it, you got it. We've revamped the forums so they more closely resemble phpbb and other such software. There's still some tweaking to be done, but enjoy.

What to expect in Ardour2

The Ardour team has made many changes beyond just the switch from gtk1 to gtk2. Here is an incomplete feature list

Ardour2 in feature freeze

Ardour2 has entired feature freeze in preperation for a stable Ardour-2.0 release. All commits to the main trunk are for bug fixes only (except for one or two works in progress which were given special exceptions).

This is exciting. We're on the home stretch for a 2.0 release now.

VST support returns to Ardour 2.0

VST support has been re-enabled in Ardour 2.0. It is not trivial to use just yet (and probably never will be). Read more (below) for more details and watch this space for more documentation.

Instability of Ardour 2.0 solved, 6 weeks of effort pays off!

Sampo Savolainen finally resolved the details of a bug in GTK that had prevented Ardour from running stably when built with newer versions of the GUI toolkit. Read more on the effort that this involved...

Ardour now using Subversion repository - public read only access available

Ardour is now using Subversion for revision control. This means that public read-only access is finally available again. Details can be found on the expanded download page.

Summer of Code 2006 : Ardour awarded 3 projects

Ardour was granted support for 3 projects by Google's Summer of Code 2006 program. This summer will hopefully see the start of MIDI sequencing support, a Windows port and work on a couple of advanced but very useful capabilities.

Ardour at NAB 2006

Harrison/GLW demo'ed Ardour's capabilities as a destructive recorder and film dubber at the National Association of Broadcasters meeting in Las Vegas (April 2006). Significant interest was reported. harrison console with ardour

Ardour 0.99.3 released

Continuing in the tradition of releasing stability fixes for the gtk1-based Ardour, here is 0.99.3. To see the complete changes read more.

Summer of Code: 2006

Ardour has been accepted into Google's Summer of Code: 2006 project. If you are interested in being a part of SoC2006, please read our ideas page, check out the roadmap and then visit the SoC student page.