New manual format now online

After some sustained work by long-time Ardour contributor Tim Mayberry, the manual pages have been reformatted as DocBook XML and then rendered to a new online format. You can see the results in the usual place; I think they look great. Tim and others are still working on fine tuning the CSS file used for online formatting, so expect to see a few more changes. We will also be investigating options for keeping a Wiki-style system for editing. For the time being, the "source code" to the manual lives in subversion, under manual/ at the top level.

If you would like to help, documentation for DocBook is here.

Development Diary

Work is proceeding on getting Ardour 2.0 ready to enter the "RC" (release candidate) phase. Today, I managed to fix two significant issues:

  • embedding multichannel files was broken - you would get the first (left) channel for all channels. In addition, bringing in external audio "as a track" would always create a track that appeared to be 1in/2out, even though its actual signal processing was correct.
  • the "Make mono regions" action wasn't working either. This has been fixed, and the action now applies to all selected regions.

Finance: Ardour subscriptions

Subscribe to Ardour! A few hundred subscribers at $10/month will do a huge amount to stabilize the funding of Ardour development. Please consider a subscription today. Why you should subscribe. Read more below for information about the system.

2.0 beta 11.1 released

With several crash fixes, a smattering of minor featurettes, a tubful of bugs squashed and a whole dose of community support comes 2.0 beta11.1. The Mac OS X Tiger universal DMG is here. Read more for the changelog.

Update on fundraising

Paul writes: "I'm trying to setup the Ardour Foundation as a 501c(3) non-profit but that takes a little bit of time. In the meantime, I'm experimenting with different ways to raise money to support myself+family until a proper foundation is set up. All donations are much appreciated. Please keep in mind that repeat donations will mean much more for the long term than larger amounts right now. I'll keep you up to date as I figure stuff out."

Ardour seeks new sponsorship

This story was edited on January 25th for clarity

Ardour is looking for new project sponsors after our major contributor, Solid State Logic informed us that they would no longer be able to continue the financial support they gave to Ardour during 2006.

Ardour is at an exciting point in its development: version 2.0 is about to released very shortly, and more and more developers have recently started contributing to the project. Once version 2.0 is released, we have a large list of substantial new features waiting to be added, including MIDI recording and playback (already implemented as part of our participation in Google's Summer of Code). New work to add support for Mackie/Logic Control surfaces is already substantially completed.

However, despite the growing number of developers and the excitement of a 2.0 release, Ardour will not keep moving forward at an acceptable pace without at least one developer focused full time on it, and the end of SSL's funding will have a significant impact in this area. Paul Davis, Ardour's lead developer and founder, was paid entirely by SSL and is now seeking other ways of allowing him to continue working on Ardour as well as JACK.

We welcome continuing contributions via the Paypal link up there on the right. However, we are also in an urgent search for corporations or orther organizations that see the long term value of Ardour as part of the audio technology environment. If you or your organization are interested in helping to establish and support a non-profit foundation dedicated to ensuring Ardour's continuing development, please get in touch with Paul.

Ardour 2.0 beta 10 released

Hot off the winter presses for a new year comes 2.0 beta 10 source release. For Mac OS X users here is the universal binary. We plan for beta 11 to be the last set of code changes before we switch to the "release candidate" pattern, so get your bug reports in to the tracker ASAP. Read on for the change list ...

ardour 2.0 beta 9 released

Another 2 weeks, another beta release. No DMG yet for OS X, but the tarball is available. Read more for the changelog ...

2.0 beta 8 released

Another solid week of bug fixing leads us to 2.0 beta 8. The OS X universal binary is here. Read on for the changelog ...

2.0 beta 7.1 released

After a frenetic week or two of activity, many fixes to the biggest problems seen in beta6 have been completed, and work on the backlog of issues in the bugtracker has commenced. This means you can now get 2.0 beta 7.1 as a tarball release. There will be a binary release for OS X of this release, stayed tuned for an announcement.
Read more for the change log, it's substantive.