Ardour 2.8.3 released

On behalf of all those who work on Ardour, I am happy to announce the release of Ardour 2.8.3. This is primarily a mantainance released, but does include 3 major new pieces of functionality. It also includes a suprisingly large number of bug fixes for things varying from clean builds with the latest compiler releases to minor GUI tweaks and the occasional crashing bug. As usual please visit to download the source or OS X builds. Read more below ...

and we're back...

Sometime mid-morning on October 5th, was either hacked into or suffered some kind of fatal software bit-rot. After many stomach churning hours, the site has been restored, upgraded to Drupal 6.14 and should be working normally. If you notice anything unusual or broken, please comment here.

Mixbus : Ardour + Harrison DSP for OS X

Harrison, the manufacturer of world-class analog and digital consoles, along with Paul Davis, lead developer of Ardour are proud to announce Mixbus®, a customized version of Ardour for OS X.

Mixbus enhances Ardour by providing critical mixing functions in a knob-per-function interface called "True Analog Mixing"(tm). True Analog Mixing is based on Harrison's renowned 32-Series and MR-Series console designs, combined with Harrison's proprietary digital mixing technology. Mixbus enables the user to record, edit, and mix a musical performance "in the box" while achieving a sound that harkens back to the golden age of album recordings.

Read more about Mixbus below ...

Two recent Ardour podcasts

FLOSS Weekly and Open Source Musician recently each did a long podcast with Paul about Ardour and all things related. The questions and overall direction of each one are different, so if you have time to spare to listen to them, check both of them out.

No more links in forum comments or posts

To minimize the impact of SEO (search engine optimization) spamming, I have turned off the ability to use links in forum posts and comments. I'm not happy about doing this, but from reviewing the forum for the last couple of months, outbound links are not really that common. If you want to post a link to some music you released, or some other cool technology, just type the URL inline and forum readers can get to it with a little bit more action on their part. For example, you should all be familiar with by now ...

Using Blender & Ardour with synchronized transport

Juan Pablo Bouza has a nice short writeup on how to use Blender, the pre-eminent open source 3d rendering and animation tool, with Ardour, so that they share a common timeline.

MIDI editing sneak preview

Ardour 3 is still not ready for testing by non-developing users, but I wanted to provide a preview of the way the "inline" MIDI editing system is taking shape, and to provide a record of key- and mouse-bindings for future manual writers.

This document is subject to updates and corrections at any time

Ardour's MIDI editing is based on a few basic principles:

  1. Editing should be done without having to enter a new window
  2. Editing should be driven by the keyboard as much as possible

Ardour Shortcut Cheatsheets available

I'm happy to release an initial version of the Ardour shortcut cheatsheet - a handy 2-sided tri-fold guide to almost every shortcut in Ardour. There is one version for X Window (Linux, FreeBSD, etc) and another for OS X (reflecting different conventions about modifier keys in both systems.) These cheatsheets will hopefully convey a lot of Ardour's power that is generally hidden to most users. (Sept 21 2009: A4 versions now added) Please read more below ....

Ardour on OS X PowerPC - download problems

It has become clear that on some PowerPC OS X systems, just downloading Ardour doesn't work. BOMArchiveHelper, the default tool to unzip archives used by Safari at least, and possibly other web browsers, is unpacking our zip files in very strange ways that are interfering with Ardour's ability to run. It is not clear which versions of OS X this affects, which browsers or which other software is playing a role. But for now we can say for certain that if you have problems with the download, you can use some alternative zip archive tool (such as Stuffit Expander) to unpack it correctly. The zip file can be found in your Downloads folder, inside a folder there with a name such as

We apologize for the inconvenience, and will switch to a DMG image by the release of 2.8.3.

Ardour 2.8.2 released

Ardour 2.8.2 contains a fix for a another critical bug on OS X that causes ardour to crash when deleting plugins with Carbon-based user interfaces. There are also two other small fixes - logarithmic plugin parameters can now be modified sensibly, and when importing files using the "copy files to session" option, an existing BWF timestamp is no longer lost. All OS X users are recommended to upgrade immediately - for those who have paid for any previous 2.8-series version, it is a free upgrade. Linux users may choose to wait for 2.8.3 in a couple of weeks which will contain a dozen or so other bug fixes. Thanks to Thomas Vecchione for help with debugging the crash, and Nick Murtagh for those two other fixes.