Ardour 2.8.1 Released

I am happy to announce the release of Ardour 2.8.1. Although this is primarily a bug-fix release, the bugs that it fixes are important enough that we hope all users, especially those on OS X, will choose to upgrade. Crashes when deleting AudioUnit plugins, and a very important potential data loss issue with session cleanup are now fixed. 2.8.1 also has a builtin "Chat" option to connect (via your web browser) to our IRC channel. To download, visit the download page. Read more below for details ...

Ardour 2.2 released

Ardour version 2.2 has been released, filled with several significant new features and lots of helpful bugfixes. The editing model has been significantly improved for much faster workflow, and Ardour now uses the Rubber Band library for timestretching (and offers pitchshifting as well). Please read more below ....

2.0 beta12 released

Two months since our last beta release, we are finally ready to unleash 2.0 beta12, with over a hundred fixes and hugely improved stability. Here is the Mac OS X 10.4.x universal binary, a 10.3.x version can be made upon request. This will be the last beta before 2.0rc1, which will be followed by 2.0rc2 and then 2.0. There are still bugs (Shock!) in 2.0 beta12, but it's time to get the 2.0 release wrapped up so that developers can start working on new features in addition to bug fixes. 2.0 is now at least as stable as 0.99.3, and for a number of tasks, much more stable. Read more below for the substantive change log and things to be fixed before 2.0...

2.0 beta 11.1 released

With several crash fixes, a smattering of minor featurettes, a tubful of bugs squashed and a whole dose of community support comes 2.0 beta11.1. The Mac OS X Tiger universal DMG is here. Read more for the changelog.

Ardour 2.0 beta 10 released

Hot off the winter presses for a new year comes 2.0 beta 10 source release. For Mac OS X users here is the universal binary. We plan for beta 11 to be the last set of code changes before we switch to the "release candidate" pattern, so get your bug reports in to the tracker ASAP. Read on for the change list ...

ardour 2.0 beta 9 released

Another 2 weeks, another beta release. No DMG yet for OS X, but the tarball is available. Read more for the changelog ...

2.0 beta 8 released

Another solid week of bug fixing leads us to 2.0 beta 8. The OS X universal binary is here. Read on for the changelog ...

2.0 beta 7.1 released

After a frenetic week or two of activity, many fixes to the biggest problems seen in beta6 have been completed, and work on the backlog of issues in the bugtracker has commenced. This means you can now get 2.0 beta 7.1 as a tarball release. There will be a binary release for OS X of this release, stayed tuned for an announcement.
Read more for the change log, it's substantive.

2.0 beta 6.2 released

A frustrating error required the release of beta6.2 in order to fix a crashing bug inadvertently introduced in beta6.1.

2.0 beta 6.1 released

2.0 beta 6.1 has been released. This contains a few minor fixes and some ongoing build system work that happened since beta6 was packaged.