Ardour Source Code Download

There are a couple of ways to download the Ardour source code. If the term "source code" means nothing to you, then you're reading the wrong page. Head back to the download page for more suitable choices on getting Ardour.

Download the release tarball

Because financial support for the continued development of Ardour is so critical, I'm still going to ask you to donate some amount (even $1) to download the tarball.

You are free to pay nothing if you insist.

Payment can be made with a credit/debit card or via PayPal

NOTE: there are no source tarballs available for Ardour 2.x any more. If you need to get Ardour 2.x to build it from source, fetch it from the repository (see the other tab above).

Get the source code from our repository

Get the current source code for Ardour with this command:

git clone git://
The code changes many times a day. The current version may crash or suffer regressions. We do releases when it is ready. The release version can be found over on the other tab above ("Choice 1: Source Tarball") or you can learn a bit about git and checkout the tag for the release you want.

Because we have enough work to do trying to support "regular users" who use our prebuilt versions of Ardour, We do not provide hand-holding, support or explanations for people using the source code in this way. You can read a few more details about building Ardour from source. If you show up in our IRC channel ask nicely, someone will probably help you anyway.