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OpenID login removed

OpenID support in Drupal 6.x (which is what is based on) really doesn't work very well. Rather than cause hassle and confusion for people trying to use their OpenID accounts (when it doesn't work), I've disabled OpenID support for now. If and when we upgrade to Drupal 7, which has much improved OpenID support (and support for similar systems), I will reinstate it.

New Account Glitch

There were a few issues affecting new user registrations on the new site after it was activated on Monday. These have now been fixed. User registration was successful, but outbound email was not sent.

If you tried to register and failed to get the confirmation email, please click on the "Request new password" link over there in the login box (upper left area of this page). Then enter the email address you used on the site and click the button. You should get a new email with a new password fairly quickly. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue. website updated

The website has been revamped and rehosted.

The site is now split into two components:
An entirely "static" site without logins, or forums or any user-created content. Super-fast delivery, and steadily increasing, usefully arranged information
The "old" Drupal-based site that has user logins, forums, the download system, donates, subscriptions and so forth

Both sites are now hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance, providing vastly more responsive service (at some increase in cost).

Recent Purchasing Problems

It appears that PayPal has a bug that started a few weeks ago and is interfering in the smooth completion of the download process for some of our customers. If you run into problems after what you believe was a successful transaction, please point your browser at, enter your invoice ID (not transaction ID) from the your payment confirmation email, and your download will start.

We hope that PayPal will resolve this issue soon. I've amended our order processing system to try to help people when it appears that PayPal's bug has interfered with their transaction.

These Websites Are Members of the SEO Spam Hall of Shame

Listed below are URLs for websites that have arranged for people to come to this forum and post links to their sites, even though their sites are totally unrelated to Ardour, audio engineering or anything remotely related to what this site is about. Quite a few of them are probably scams as well. This post will be updated and their names will be added. Google is quite good at indexing You spam our site, we add your URL here.

and we're back...

Sometime mid-morning on October 5th, was either hacked into or suffered some kind of fatal software bit-rot. After many stomach churning hours, the site has been restored, upgraded to Drupal 6.14 and should be working normally. If you notice anything unusual or broken, please comment here.

No more links in forum comments or posts

To minimize the impact of SEO (search engine optimization) spamming, I have turned off the ability to use links in forum posts and comments. I'm not happy about doing this, but from reviewing the forum for the last couple of months, outbound links are not really that common. If you want to post a link to some music you released, or some other cool technology, just type the URL inline and forum readers can get to it with a little bit more action on their part. For example, you should all be familiar with by now ...

Just for the record - forum post deletions are accidental

Just to clarify something that may bother some people. It turns out that the script used to clean up the disgusting morons who flood this website with search-engine-optimization (SEO) spam is capable of completely deleting forum threads. Its not obvious how or why, but I want to assure people that I have not ad will not censor threads on by deleting them. The removal just recently of about 12 hours of forum posts is very unfortunate, and was caused by deleting a spammer.

Bug/Issue Tracker upgrade

The bug/issue tracker system has just been upgraded to Mantis 1.2.0a3. This should hopefully fix the irritating problems when using the system via Safari, Konqueror and perhaps a few other web browsers. My apologies for it taking so long to fix these issues.

Website Upgrade/Update

The website has been upgraded and slightly redesigned. Its now using Drupal 6, which provides many useful features, better security and more. The theme has been switched to a cleaner, "whiter" feeling (based on the Zen Classic theme for Drupal), although more tweaking is in the pipeline to get things just right. Visiting the site without authentication takes you to a somewhat slicker front page, as you might already have noticed. Financial information (over there on the upper right hand side) is now live (more or less) - new subscribers, donations and on will show up here automatically, subject to a potential 5 minute delay. There is a new "institutional" subscription, and for maximal flexibility you can create subscriptions now for any monthly amount you wish. You can now see the most heavily sponsored issues from the issue/bug tracker (and so can developers) so feel free to sponsor issues that matter to you - its all based on the honor system, so no payment is needed up front. More features will be coming soon.