Help us debug GUI performance on certain video interfaces

Several users have reported that the GUI (graphical user interface) of Ardour 4.x is slow on their systems. We know that this is caused by a combination of video interfaces and the driver for the video interface, but we don't know which video interfaces or which drivers are to blame. By default Ardour 4.x tries to get the video hardware to accelerate drawing, which may or may not happen depending on the card and driver. We could use your help in trying to understand what is happening and where.

Development news: branch mechanics

The cairocanvas branch has been merged into the master branch of Ardour.

Editing/Writing Manual Pages

Some rules of thumb for manual writing/editing:

  • Keyboard bindings are marked up with <kbd>
  • Bindings involving the platform specific "primary" modifier should be marked up with <kbd class=mod1>. There are also "mod12" and "mod13" to markup bindings involving primary, secondary and tertiary modifiers.
  • Markup menu selections as <code>Foo > Bar</code>
  • Definition Lists (<dl>) are presented with dt and dd elements on the same line. If you need more space for the dt element, add class="wide-table" to the <dl> tag.

Things Planned for the release of version 3.0

This is an evolving list of things planned to be done before the first release candidate of Ardour 3.0

Bug fixes

Obviously there are also many bug reports in Mantis that it would be good to fix before 3.0. You can read the list of bugs targetted to be solved for beta2 and for 3.0.

SVN Revision 10k Approaching

Sometime in the next 12-36 hours, its very likely that Ardour will see the 10,000th commit to the SVN repository. That's 10 thousand changes to the source code and build systems that make up Ardour2, Ardour3 and Mixbus. I'm not sure how to celebrate this, so if you have any ideas, post them here.

Sticklers for detail will want to know that there were 1352 commits to the CVS repository on sourceforge that preceded's SVN repository. So strictly speaking the upcoming milestone has already been passed. But don't spoil our fun!

Building Ardour 3.X from source

Required tools

You will need to ensure that your system has the following sofware building tools installed:

Required libraries

Mouse control

One tool per action

Selection, action

Modifier Keys