Must Haves

  1. No crash bugs
  2. Optimized compilation with no warnings on all supported architectures
  3. DMG packaging for OSX 10.4
  4. Example packaging for Debian, Ubuntu Studio, and Fedora Core
  5. Tested and Run on the following architectures: x86, ppc, x86_64
  6. Tested and Run on the following OS: Mac 10.4 x86 and ppc, Linux 2.6 x86, ppc, x86_64
  7. Jack sync issues resolved with common jack applications (rosegarden, sooperlooper, etc)
  8. All menu items confirmed working reasonably sensibly.

Paul's required bug fixes

  • MIDI CC state reload
  • JACK sync & transport issues

Nice to haves

  1. Run time stack backtrace reporter