Why You Should Subscribe to Ardour

Ardour isn't a proprietary product and doesn't make any revenue through sales of the program. However, programs like this don't develop through a magical process - people actually have to work on them in order for new features to be added, bugs to be fixed and so forth. While many Ardour developers squeeze in their contributions to the program during various kinds of spare time, the program's lead developer has tried to make it a full time effort. After being supported by himself for 5 years, and by Solid State Logic for nearly a year, the quest for stable funding of his work continues.

In addition, it would be wonderful to:

  • Speed up development by making it possible for other developers to work more consistently on the program
  • Occasionally purchase equipment needed for development
  • Pay people to write documentation
  • Support Ardour developer and user meetings

So, Ardour requires financial support. You, the user, are the best source of that support because we want Ardour to reflect what its users need and want. Lets be clear: you are under no obligation to pay for Ardour. You are welcome to copy it, give copies to your friends, and modify it if you or someone you know can. But ... if you do download or copy it, and you find it useful, then please consider subscribing thus ensuring that I (Paul) can keep working on it in a focused and productive manner. A 1 year subscription to Ardour will likely span 2 major releases and will cost you US$120. Comparable proprietary DAWs cost between US$300 and US$1500, typically plus update fees.

Each month, there are thousands of downloads of Ardour. If 300 people subscribed at $10/month, Ardour would have a just-workable income stream. Make that 600 people at $10/month or 1200 people at $5/month, and I can avoid seeking further sponsorship. Double those numbers, and we could see another person working full time on the software. You, the user community and interested organizations can make this happen, so please subscribe and let me (Paul) and perhaps others continue to improve Ardour and other audio software.

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